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Yá’át’ééh, shí éí Kasandra Nelson yinishyé.  Kiiyaa’áanii nishłį́.  Lók’aanteeldę́ę́’ naashá.


Hello, my name is Kasandra Nelson.  I am Kiiyaa’aanii.  I am from Ganado, Arizona.


I love the language of our people.  I want my five boys to continue to learn it.  I think there is real value in learning to read and write in Navajo.  I found a need for beginning level readers and so I started writing some for my boys and that was the start of my journey of writing and continuing to learn Navajo.  I believe if we each do something in our own respective spheres to preserve our language, it will add up to an impact greater than we can imagine!


Special Thanks To:

My grandparents George and Agatha Curley.  My mother Delphine Ludlam.  My five boys who inspire me to be better and learn more.  My three brothers who continue to teach me Navajo with love and kindness. My Navajo Language teacher in college Joe Kee Jr.  My editor Lucille Hunt, who encouraged and supported me.  My editor, teacher and mentor Irvinson Jones.  And last but not least my husband, Matt who helped me with the technical computer stuff and has given me encouragement and the wings to fly.

T’áá ákwííjį́ Diné k’ehjí ííníłta’!

Read in Navajo Everyday! 

We encourage our children to read everyday in English,

why not in Navajo, too?


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