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Fun Extras

I wanted to add a few extra things that make learning fun for us Diné Bizaad learners!

Navajo Book
Bin Label

If you have something important it has a place of honor in your home.  Put all your Navajo books in one spot so that it can be easily found during reading time.   Label a nice plastic bin or a cardboard box.

Where can I find books in Navajo?

When we first started collecting books in Navajo, they were a challenge to find.  Here are three places I've gained most of my collection from, aside from the ones I have personally written for my boys.

Wódítł’ooí - Caterpillar Video

I found this cute video on YouTube.  It is the Very Hungry Caterpillar in Navajo by Maggie W. Benally. 


I got permission for the Indigenous Language Institute to transcribe it from youtube and put in book form.  Print the book and follow along on YouTube!  Thank you Maggie for your lovely words! Nizhóní!

















I also thought it would be fun to have hand held pictures and act out the story right along with the video.


Colored Pictures                             Black/White Pictures


Only 3 pages to print!

Coming Soon!
Sorting Colors

Working on a lesson where you can sort everyday pictures of objects into color catergories.

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