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Where can I find books in Navajo?

Below are a couple places to buy children's books, but first and foremost I would say write your own with your children!

Write your own!!!

You know what level you and your children are at in learning Navajo.  Start from there.  Write about the world around them, things they are intersted in and everyday situations.

Website Catalog

There are books availabe for purchase on this website.

San Juan School District -
Heirtage Language Resource

The Heiritage Language Resource Center has a varitey of Navajo books available.  They also have CDs of books and songs.  If you are at a beginning level this is a good place to start.

Salina Bookshelf

Salina Bookshelf has mostly middle level children's books.  The books all have beautiufl illustrations by Native artist.  Some of their books have cds.

Native Child

I recently discovered this company.  I love this book.  It has beautiful poems about the Summer at sheep camp.  There are three other books in the series to match the seasons.  They also have many other resources.

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