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Writing Lesson #1-


Matching Book

My four year old son decided to make a matching book.  We had printed two sets of cards.  He choose some animals and found the other pair.



Animal Book

My six year old son made a book with the main sentence on every page.



Other Ideas

There are so many more ideas that could be done with these animal cards:



*A matching game


*Asking game:  Háadi mósí? - Where is the cat?

Response - Kwe’é mósí. - Here is the cat.


*Song:  Sing to your own rythm:  

Díí éí mósí ’át’é’.

Díí éí mósí ’át’é’.

"Meow" ní.


This is a cat.

This is a cat.

It says, "Meow".


Please email mail your ideas and I could include them on this list!


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